The Beacons of Light 

The Mt. Fuji Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony

The first Beacon of Light was set with Mt. Fuji, and Lake Yamanaka in Japan, May 21, 2016

We arrived in the morning of the 21, to a beautiful park nestled between Mt. Fuji and the Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine. We prepared the space, then offered prayers to call the spirits of Japan to be with us. 

We were joined by about 50 people from around Japan and a few from around the world too. We were also joined by 120 different sized "sync ~ up " groups from around the world, all joining in with meditation, activation, and crystal grids.

The ceremony was very powerful and full of amazing heart space and love from all participating. The prayers, singing and toning were beautiful! Everyone joined in together with the intentions of light and love to bring in the new energies for the New Earth.

The high vibrational frequency was anchored into the center of Fuji San and the Earth's deep resonant field creating a space for the energies to find natural balance and flow in harmony and Divine Love. 

Once the beacon was set and activated, the energies were then connected with Lake Yamanaka, connecting the beacon to the water.

We are incredibly thankful to the people, spirits and land of Japan.

The Jomon Sugi Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony

The second Beacon of Light was activated with Jomon Sugi, in Yakushima, Japan. May 26, 2017

Jomon Sugi is an ancient elder Cedar Tree that is estimated to be 7200 years old. Jomon Sugi sits in the middle of Yakushima island, south Japan. She is the oldest tree in Japan.


We hiked 9 hours up to the top of the mountain to be with this amazing Being, journeying through a magical forest of giant trees, rare flowers and stardust that sparkled like diamonds in the sun.

Once at the top, we prepared for ceremony and made our offerings of sacred herbs, crystals and Golden Lemurian elixir water and sacred waters from around the world. 

Before the sun came up, we started the ceremony with Jomon Sugi and sang to her until the sun came into view and kissed her face with sunlight. Her light anchored the Beacon of Light within her and connected the root system of the trees on Yakushima Island, then into the ocean. 

This journey with Jomon Sugi is one of the most incredibly transformative experiences in my life. So thankful for this amazing being and the amazing team that journeyed with me. 

The Mount Batur Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony

The third Beacon of Light was activated with Mount Batur and Lake Batur in Bali, Indonesia. March 26, 2018

Mount Batur is an active volcano nestled in a valley of Northern Bali surrounded by lava, raw land, fishermans villages and vegetable farms. Lake Batur hosts several natural hot springs.

The energies of Mount Batur are incredibly powerful and precise! Mount Batur sits next to Mount Agung, the volcano that is currently erupting right now in Bali.

We left our retreat center in Bondalem before the sun came up and drove over an hour to Mount Batur.  Once there at the base of the mountain, we headed into nature over old lava and fields bolting cabbages.

Once at the location the IOLC team went into ceremony and prayer and raising the vibrations. The beacon of Light was incredibly precise and anchored in with great ease. 

After the ceremony, we continued on to Lake Batur, to connect the beacon to the lake and the water. 

It was a beautiful and powerful day.  Huge thank you to our Beautiful local Guide and dear friend SRI.

The SoulTree of Bedugal, Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony, 

The Fourth Beacon of Light was activated with The SoulTree of Bedugal, Bali Indonesia March 28, 2018

SoulTree is an Elder Tree that lives at Kebun Raya Eka Karya ( Eka meaning first, and Karya meaning creation)

and is located in the mountainous region of Bedugal, Bali

The Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony was set with SoulTree, 2 days after the Mount Batur and Lake Batur Beacon of Light Ceremony. 

We spent the day with SoulTree, each one of us taking time to connect in with the energies of the tree and the mountain. We sang to her while being held in her branches. A single little monkey sat above our heads, singing songs to us. The amount of light and loving presence from this tree was sweet and simple. 

This beautiful tree is not as old as some of the others, but is still an ancient elder tree being!Thank you Soul Tree!!! We love you! 

The Mount Taranaki Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony

The fifth Beacon of Light was activated with Mount Taranaki and Lake Taranaki in New Zealand, April 4, 2018.

Mount Taranaki is an active volcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.

It is held by amazing lush forests and wilderness with amazing ocean views near by. Lake Taranaki mirrors the mountain with perfect harmony. 

The IOLC Team met up with Yuko and Yukio Miura, from Japan, who have been Nina's Co-Beacon Setting partners since the first beacon was set. After connecting our energies and opening to Mount Taranaki for guidance, we prepared for our journey.


We arrived early in the morning and hiked through the luscious forest and mountain terrain to Mount Taranaki. The air was cool and there was many clouds with a chilly large wind. 

Once there at the Lake, we set and anchored the Beacon of Light and connected the energies with the water, wind and sunshine. It was quite intense in the grandness and largeness of this beacon and incredibly colorful and full of beauty!

The Tāne Mahuta Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony

The sixth Beacon of Light was activated  with Tāne Mahuta in New Zealand, April 6, 2018.

Tane Mahuta is an ancient Kauri Tree with an unknown age, but estimated to be 2500 yrs old. He is the largest Kauri tree in New Zealand. 

He is the little brother to Jomonsuji in Japan, and they were joined in a world first international environmental partnership in 2009.

We arrived early in the morning to the forest where this amazing tree stands. The massive presence from this tree was incredible! Strong, but so soft and gentle.

We all took our time connecting with the tree, then we sang. The song spread through the forest covering the quietness of the forest with high vibrational frequencies.

Once the singing was done, the people came in large numbers along with a Maori Man who takes care of this tree and forest. He sang us songs and told his stories of his people. What a delightful blessing it was to have this experience!

There has been 6 supporting beacons and 1 major beacon set after New Zealand. Due to the sensitivity of certain locations and the privacy of our team, we are not offering these locations for now. 

Please enjoy a few photos from our journeys!

The Calbuco Beacon Of Light Activation

Calbuco, Chile.

More info coming soon!

The Lac De Soi Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony

Valais, Switzerland

More info coming soon.