Pele and Puna ~ A Big Island Update

Aloha Ohana! Many of you have been asking how things are in Puna, with my mom and Ohana there. I will offer you some of my experiences with speaking to my mom everyday about the conditions there and how the people of Puna are surviving, adapting, living.



The Glow of Leilani from Mauna Kea



The Glow of Leilani from Mauna Kea






The Sky is Red







This is Puna. I have posted a few pictures that show an incredibly beautiful aspect of what is happening there with Pele and Puna.

Most of Puna is under lava. My mom lost her home. My sister lost 3 homes and Green Lake. My aunties, my uncles, my cousins, my Ohana of Puna, has lost most. Many people of Puna have lost all. And yet, those who understand the energies of Pele, know that this is her home and we are but gracious guests for as long as we are allowed on her sacred Aina.


People are displaced. Many are evacuated off island. Those who don't have anywhere to go, live in Pahoa at the Evacuation shelter. This shelter is made up of tents, tarps, carports and some temporary structures. The have some basic necessities and sometime they don't have much. 


When speaking with mom, she says that there is loss, there deep sadness and uncertainty. The people are tired. But they are not defeated! They are still smiling! They are still loving, and they are still working together. All kokua as Ohana, working together to build a new and to take care of each other. They chant and sing, dance hula and make their prayer offerings to Pele. They have LOVE and ALOHA in their hearts and their spirits!


Mom makes bread for the evacuees with her donations she has received. She goes to the camp and offers massage and reiki to anyone in need of a little healing. She plays with the Kieki ( kids) and always has a smile. This woman is continuously in service always. 


I have been sending as many supplies and donations to the evacuee camp in Pahoa as I can, as well as sending money for food and gas for mom.  If you feel called to support the people of Puna, any little donation will help. Even if its $10.00, that will buy paper plates, or diapers, or a blanket etc. Every little bit goes a long way! 


If you would like to offer a large donation to help in securing a little bit of land for the Puna Ohana, so they may build again and start new, then your donations can go through The Church of the House of Golden Light, which is a non profit that my mom started 35 years ago and continues to this day. ( email me at


To donate please send monies through paypal friends and family option to 


MAHALO FOR YOUR SUPPORT LOVE AND PRAYERS! I appreciate it! My mom appreciates it and the Puna Ohana appreciate it! 


Enjoy your summer and your loved ones!

In deep Gratitude, Nina ~ IshTahn












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