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The Beacons of Light ~ Bali and New Zealand Activation Ceremonies.

The Beacons Of Light Activation Ceremonies with Mount Batur in Bali and Mount Taranaki in New Zealand. Islands Of Light Collective.

Mt. Taranaki  and Puokai Lake ~ New Zealand

Mount Taranaki, Lake Pouakai ~ New Zealand

This journey with the Beacons Of Light in Bali and New Zealand has been intensely beautiful. In so many ways! It's been one month since I came home to Mount Shasta from this trip. A month away, seemed like three. Time slowed and stretched and continued on.

I've spent these past weeks incredibly deep in process, observing the events, moments, conversations, emotions, ceremonies, travel, land, culture, patterns, openness, tightness, light, vibration, resonance, Earth, angels, stars, people and all..... allowing my emotions to be present with these observations. Finding moments of stillness. Of newness.

I want to remember every aspect of this journey. Every conversation I had, every emotion I felt. I want to remember the way the wind blew while standing there at Mount Batur, soft and sweet, with 5 little finches circling around singing to us as we prepared. The loud, strong, cold winds at Taranaki and the way the long grass whistled softly in this wind, bending and wisping, the ends of the grass shaking like rattles. I want to remember the sun as it first comes into view, the sun setting, the stars as we spin into view and then out of view again. I want to remember the way the sun felt as it held my face as I prayed with the mountains and the trees. The sound of the tree's limbs, the trunk, the leaves. The coolness of the Earth on my bare feet.

The laughter of my sisters, of my brothers. My own laughter. And my tears too. I want to remember the way my heart felt. The salt in the ocean as I swam. I want to remember my choices, my failures and my successes. My strength in my knowing. The moment I pushed away and the moment I choose to find a new opening. Deep emotions, deep compassion, deep Ho'O ponopono, taking responsibility, deep healing. I want to remember how I felt then about me. How I felt then about others.

The beautiful Earth and the amazing beings living here that call her home. It was quite the adventure! I am still very present with the experiences, with my process of observation and taking it all in. I am grateful. Incredibly thankful for all who were there in this journey, this adventure! Thankful for the Ohana and team that came together in support and love for the Beacons of Light team. Thankful for the sync up groups, and everyone who joined us in prayer and mediation and love. For your generous offerings. ELLI!!!! xoxoxoxo HOKU!!! xoxoxoxo Diane!!! xoxoxoxo special thank you to you three amazing women who are always right there! Heart to Heart!

Biggest Heartfelt Thank You to Yuko and Yukio Miura , I Love and appreciate you both so much!!! Thank you for the grand adventures climbing up mountains! Next is Mt. Shasta! :)

Incredibly Thankful for my dear family of ISH, and EL. I have experienced profound depth in my heart for the amazingness that is this family. The love I have for you all. The lessons and the gifts. The bringing us back to whole. I am incredibly thankful for your willingness, love and presentness with each other and with me. Thank you for ALL!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

To the Stars and Beyond.....*

Love and Hugs! IshTahn.

The Beacons Of Light Activation Ceremony with Mount Batur and Lake Batur ~ Bali Indonesia, March 2018

Mount Batur ~ Bali

Mount Batur ~ Bali

The adventure started with three of us meeting up in Hong Kong and flying into Bali together. We stayed in Ubud at a lovely place near the markets. Each day, we were joined by more and more until three became ten.

We woke early, before the sun came into view and headed to the market to buy local fresh fruits, lemon grass, flowers and our daily coconuts from the local vendors. We then enjoyed a morning swim before enjoying a breakfast of exotic fruits, lemon grass tea, nasi goreng and coconuts.

Ubud, markets

Fruits from the market.

Flowers for prayers.

The view from our rooms.

Ubud, Bali.

Once we were all together, we traveled north to Bondalem, to the Shambala Retreat Center to gather and prepare for the Beacon Ceremonies.

This was our view of the ocean from our rooms. There were amazing starry skies at night, lightning storms every night too, and peaceful ocean waves that are filled with dolphins and neon blue starfish. So beautiful!

Sunrise Shambala Retreat Center

View of the ocean from the  Shambala Retreat Center

We spent the next few days resting, adjusting, preparing and enjoying our time with each other, the beautiful nature surroundings and visits to the Shamballa on site spa for massage.

And then it was time to be with Mt. Batur and Lake Batur.

We left early morning before the sunrise and travelled by van about an hour up and down very windy roads to the valley that holds Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung. Mt. Agung is the volcano that was recently erupting in Bali. Lake Batur sits between the two. The sun was just rising as we started our way down the valley to the Mountain.

Sunrise at mt Batur.

Mount Batur, Lake Batur

Mount Batur

Lake Batur

Lake Batur

Nina and Brian Syncing up and holding the vibration for the Beacon of Light to anchor in with Mt. Batur.

We arrived to the location that Nina and Sri found and prepared in October of 2016. Sri is our amazing local assistant, guide and translator for Bali.

She is an angel really! And one of the dearest friends to my heart.

We walked through fields of vegetable farms and cinders and wild flowers and long weeds growing over bolted cabbages until we found a beautiful flat rock formation that we could stand on a little bit higher with a beautiful clear view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

The sky was brilliant blue and soft fluffy clouds floated by here and there, but for the most part it was incredibly sunny and bright. Still cool and not too hot, with a soft breeze blowing through the scattered trees. We were greeted by five little finches, who circled around our area and team and showed me the direction the energy flows between Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

Then we began the prayers and ceremonies. We all synced up together, while offering our individual knowing, guidance and intuition on their own prayers and what was to be offered.

The Beacon of light came in strong and precise, like a thin beam of light. The colors... shades of lavenders and lemon yellow. It anchored in softly and slowly and then was anchored with Lake Batur.

A beautiful Beacon of Light! A beautiful Team! A beautiful moment.

We spent the afternoon at the hot-springs swimming in the waters overlooking Lake Batur.

After more rest at Shambala in Bondalem, we journey to the top of Bali to be with Soul Tree for the Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony .

Up the mountain we go, past families of monkeys and little side of the road pullover picnic spots overlooking a gorgeous lake. We arrived to Kebun Raya Eka Karya to the Botanical Garden where Soul Tree lives. A small little monkey lives in the branches of Soul Tree.

Soul Tree, Bali

Soul Tree, Bali

Singing to Soul Tree.

Soul Tree

We all connected with the tree individually. All offering our prayers and love to the tree. I loved being able to stand in the center of three root systems looking up into the blended branches and canopy of leaves above. The little monkey up above nibbling on things, and listening to the song being offered to Soul Tree.

This tree is young compared to many of the other Beacon Trees, but still an "elder" who holds an amazing amount of light and love. This beautiful tree sits on top of the mountains of Bali at the higher parts of elevation, overlooking the valleys to the ocean.

Such an incredible loving presence. Thank you Soul Tree! I love you! xoxo

We spent a little more time in Shambala resting and integrating before all traveling on to New Zealand.

New Zealand Coast, North Island

New Zealand Coast, North Island

We arrived in New Zealand on April 1st. After we all arrived and were settled in, we headed toward Taranaki. We had a very fast paced but peaceful journey through New Zealand. We stayed at seven different places during the two weeks we were there and drove North to South to North again, making sure to swim a lot everywhere we went.

The waters here are soft calm and full of soothing comfort filled with peaceful vibrations. Teal, turquoise, green, emerald and shades of blue.... the colors shimmering in the sun.

We finally made our way to Mt. Taranaki where we met with Yuko and Yukio Miura (and their son too) At The Dawson Falls Lodge.

Nina and Yuko on the way to Mt. Taranaki

Nina and Yuko on the journey up Mt. Taranaki Mountain.

Nina Standing with Mt. Taranaki

Nina and Mt. Taranaki

We started up the Mountain early in the morning just as the sun came into view. The trail was partially wild, muddy and steep and partially made of very well maintained wooden stairs and wooden walk ways on the trail. It was chilly, and very windy, but not rainy like we were told it would be. We hiked for about 3 1/2 hours up the mountain until we reached Lake Pouakai.

After a few minutes of us arriving, the clouds left and Mt. Taranaki came into full view. It was windy and cold, but we had sun and the mountain and lake. The wind blew strong, moving across the wetlands of grasses and shrubs. As the wind moved through and across the tops of the long grasses, the grass would shake and sound like rattles. But very gently. The grass rippled in waves with the wind and in the sun it made patterns of light all around.

The Lake was smaller then I thought it would be, and I got a pleasant surprise on how much love and appreciation this little lake gets from all who come. This little Lake is very much a huge part of Mt. Taranaki and often times when there isn't any wind, you can see Mt. Taranaki's reflection in the lake.

Mt.Taranaki and Lake Pouakai

Mount Taranaki and Lake Pouakai

The Ceremony with the Beacons of Light was quite unique. The beacon itself came in very strong, accompanied with teams of angels and dragon spirits. What was surprising to me and incredibly delightful to Yuko, is the colors, coming in teals and greens and purple with the Beacon of Light. The Beacon was incredibly huge, coming in wide and encompassing to the whole of the mountain.

It was a very powerful ceremony for me and also offered me great learning experiences with the journey to the top of the mountain. The journey to Mt. Taranaki opened me in ways, in that I was able to see some things I needed to see so I could know what was truth in my heart. I am incredibly thankful!

(Sorry there are no ceremony pictures, our photographer left early and everyone else was busy in ceremony.)

I love this Mountain. I loved looking down the valley from up high, and I love the sounds of the birds in the trees. Beautiful forests and land and birds and bird sounds.

The view the valley

The View of the Valley below from up the Mountain.

Once we were back down the mountain, we said our goodbyes to Yuko and Yukio and we all went back to our motels to rest.

The next morning we left Taranaki and headed for the Waipoua Forest, the home of Tane Mahuta.

Tane Mahuta

Tane Mahuta

We drove through the Waipoua forest small windy roads, the sun was shining through the tops of the tall Kauri trees as we drove by. We got settled into our next place and rested.

The next morning we drove to the forest and went to be with Tane Mahuta.

Kathy and Tane Mahuta

Kathy with Tane Mahuta

Nina Singing to Tane Mahuta with a Golden Lemurian Crystal that was activated with Jomon Sugi in Japan.

This crystal stayed with a young Maori man who is a dear and sweet protector of this tree, the land and and his tribe. The young man told us of stories of creation and tales of Tane Mahuta and sang to us and played his flute.

Tane Mahuta

Tane Mahuta is the sweetest tree ever. He is a soft but strong tree, who lives in harmony with the forest and his surroundings. The diamond patterns in his bark is very similar to the diamond spiral patterns in Jomon Sugi. Such a sweet spirit! Im so in awe! I love you Tane Mahuta!

Once the ceremonies were over, we took our time to relocate again and play and rest. We spent the next week visiting beaches, bays, oceans, restaurants, farmers markets, and just having some nice time relaxing, and laughing in each others company.

We finally said our goodbyes we went on our way. All of us going to different places of the world, but all of us going home.

It was quite intense setting four Beacons of Light in two weeks, challenging at times and especially beautiful at other times! My heartspace has deepened in many ways because of this journey. My trust in my own hearts knowing became extremely strong and very important to me, in ways I had never experienced yet. My trust in others has changed in ways I wasn't expecting.

The amazingness of this team that came together for this incredible service to the Earth, the Stars and all that co-habitant together on this beautiful home, is something that I will always remember. The love for the Earth from each one, is a blessing. I am incredibly so grateful for this Ohana. For the Grand Orchestration, for the Lessons, for the Gifts, for the support from the universes and ALL.

THANK YOU Mount Batur, Lake Batur, Soul Tree, Mount Taranaki, Lake Pouakai and Tane Mahuta.

To my Beacon Partners. Thank you! I love you! A hui Hou! Malama Pono! ALOOOOOOOHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Cape Reinga, where two oceans meet.

the IOLC Team

The IOLC team