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Yakushima Island, Japan ~ Jomon Sugi Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony

Wilson's Stump

Yakushima Island Japan.

The Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony with JOMON SUGI ~ May 26th, 27. 2017

To be honest, I have been staring at the beginnings of this post for days now. I keep looking at this heart. It lives close to the middle of Yakushima Island, a heart opening up to the stars in the sky. The only way you can see the heart, is to get close to the ground and look up.

I remember standing there inside this ancient being, looking up and thinking ~ how beautiful the Earth is, how grand this creation is, the magic in this orchestration ~ Epic moment! I could have stayed in there for days and nights on end...:)

My question to myself, "How do I even write about this event. How do I share something so sacred and precious? How do I put this into English words when there are none to describe this experience?"

I am so completely changed. I feel so new, yet I feel the most like myself I have ever felt here, embodied on Earth.

I am incredibly altered and in a whole new reality all together. Being present with it all, moment by moment. I can feel so many others in this place too, others who joined in and synced in with this amazing time and space. We sometimes reach out to each other, but there are no words. We say nothing to each other, but there is deep knowing. Love of the Grandest Divine kind.

I am in such Awe and Gratitude.

I went on this journey to sing to this amazing being. To sing to many amazing beings. To wake up Jomon Sugi ......then it was She who woke me.

My Amazing Japanese House

My Hale while in Yakushima, a blessing that I'm incredibly thankful for. It provided me sanctuary, privacy, meditation and dreamtime space, and most importantly... REST.

One of the most amazing things to me and locals on the Island, is that Yakushima Island rains 27 days out of the month, ( And the 3 days of sun, are not usually in a row.) but after the first day of pouring rain, the clouds left, and we had sunny perfect weather for the remaining time of our stay at Yakushima.

After a good days rest, we set off early with the sunrise on our grand adventure.

We took a short bus ride to the entrance of Yakushima Island, closest route to Jomon Sugi. On this ride just entering the forest to the bus stop, we passed 14 small waterfalls.

As soon as we entered the forest, we were greeted by a large monkey. She crossed our path, then sat to the left of us, looking at us. I asked if we had permission to enter the forest at this time and she took a moment to look at each of us, then nodded her head, and walked off into the forest.

Next we stood on a narrow wooden plank bridge over a river, gazing at the mountains to the right of us, asking the gods of Yakushima to bless our journey.

We start on our grand adventure

Entering Yakushima Forest

We walked for a couple of miles on an old railroad track path. There were many gateways and portal doors to walk through, one was a doorway of dripping spring water.

We were greeted by a very ancient and extremely large Pohaku ( rock). It started growing and rising over 14 million years ago. It grows 1 mm every 1000 years. Amazing presence! On this rock grows star ferns, and star burst venus flytraps. The white flower of Yakushima, only grows here in the forest, with beautiful heart shaped leaves.

Of course the Cherry Blossoms blessed our path as well.

Greeted by these amazing beings

Welcoming Beings of The forest

The forest was incredibly surreal. The amount of spirits in this forest was amazing to see. Not only spirits of the water, the woods, the rock, ect.. but the trees! They are so alive and present. They are not afraid or hidden within, like many trees I've met, but completely open, alive, and free. Pure. Standing in their true totality of their beings. And very open to communication, not just with me and others passing by, but with each other, the birds, the woodland creatures, and all the spirits of the forest.

Like one great Ohana, nature in deep balance and harmony with all. It was amazing to experience this openness with the beings and the forest.

There was no fear in this forest. Only Love and Openness.

Experiencing this showed me places of my heart that I too had hidden or shut down. And the more I touched the trees, the moss, the water......which was pure and drinkable in the forest everywhere.....watched the birds, listened to their songs, the bees and all.... the more connected to this forest I became. Kissing and hugging the trees was electric!

Meeting the first Ancient Tree Beings

The first of the ancient Elder Tree Beings.

The forest was covered in stardust, starlight in every tree, root, dirt, sand, water drop, and all. The drops of water reflecting the stardust from the moss and trees sparkled like diamonds. It felt like I was walking through a galaxy of stars here on Earth.

There are no humans living in this forest. They pass by on the trails, but don't stray off, and they don't stay. Maybe camping overnight then moving on.

It is a World Heritage site ( Yakushima Forest/Island) and protected from all dangers from human choices and action.

The forest is left as is, just to be.....which allows this space of openness. It was magical! I learned so much from just walking through this forest.

Magical forest

The bottom of the Forest, dripping with water like Diamonds.

Connecting with the Forest

Connecting with the Forest

Team Japan Taking a break

Team IOLC Taking a break

Our journey to Jomon Sugi was not an easy hike. We climbed uphill from sea level to about 3500 ft. There were wooden stairs, and rail road tracks for most part of the beginning journey so far. But as we climbed higher, our trail was over roots, up rocks, earth, and over rivers.

We were blessed by the spirits of the forest and guided by a huge team of angels. And slowly but surely we climbed.

The trees grew larger, and the forest became silent from the songs of birds and hikers. The amazing thing about the trees here, is that even after the trees in this forest are cut down, the stump still grows, and new shoots and new trees sprout from the stump growing into a second and third generation tree in one... and sometimes sprouting a whole new family of trees from one stump.

Trees of Yakushima

Trees of Yakushima

As we climbed higher and higher, the dirt became more sparkly with stardust all over. The trees are so large! So ancient! Some deeply asleep, others deeply present.

We went under doorways, over doorways and through doorways. There were many "1 1" 's with the trees forming great gateways.

A set of "Twin Trees" stood before a gateway to the upper forest of Yakushima. The trail was very steep and challenging, but yet I could feel her, Jomon Sugi. I knew we were close.

The water from the stream was humming... a song, a soft, bubbly melody.

I also knew we were close because I could feel the excitement from our guide, Takashi, and see the energy around him. He loves this great tree!

Takashi has visited Jomon Sugi over 1,000 times. 20 years ago, he climbed up her, and into her branches. He loves this tree, and he loves this forest.

The energy was very swirly towards the top. Deep dark forest energy. Silent. Still. But very much alive. Like the deep cosmic womb of the void, the center of a black hole. Comforting, like the feel of soft thick velvet.

Upper forest , Yakushima

The Upper Forest of Yakushima, Ancient Trees and Portal Doorways

And then we were there. There she was. My heart melted at the sight of her. My eyes drinking in every part of her. It was a long hard 9 hour hike, but we made it.

Meeting Jomon Sugi

Meeting Jomon Sugi

How I wished that there was no fence around her! How I wished to touch her face, put my arms around her, sit at her trunk and rest against her. Place my ear to her, and listen to her breathing, listen for her pulse, sing to her. Kiss her. And sing some more!

I walked around her, seeing where I could get the closest to her. 10ft.

I took in all I could from not touching her. Her sound, her breath, her movements, there was not much, but there was some. Calling to her...softly. She was deeply asleep. But her energy signature was strong and clear, and the light she holds, completely on line, ready!

She is the Great Mother of Trees in Japan. The Eldest, but she is also an incredible Beacon of Light. A very important one. The first tree to be activated, just as Mt. Fuji was the first mountain and water beacon.

She was born after a neighboring island's volcano erupted, sending it's lava to the island, and covering it up with lava. She was born from destruction, fire, lava and ash. She was the very first tree to grow, to bring life, right in the middle of the Island, on the highest part of the mountain. Her roots grow deep, and spread far, and connect to all.

When you put the land all back together, as it was before the great separation, in the times of Lemuria, the land that is Japan was an incredible anchor point of Light and Vibration and Sound. This land is still incredibly important for anchoring the light for the New Realities.

Sugi, means "Great Cedar" and Jomon is the name of a period of time, around 10,000 years ago, also referred to as the time of Lemuria. Her name in a way, could translate to

" Lemurian Great Cedar. "

Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!! ?? :)

Next we go to set up in the tree house, where we will be camping. Just to the left of her, towards her back.

To the left of her, before the treehouse, is a great opening that overlooks the valley down the mountain to the ocean. There are two great elder trees there standing on either side of the opening. A set of " 1 1 " trees... forming another great portal gateway.

We all went to the little tree house where Takashi made us a very nice vegetarian meal of fresh vegetables, rice and curry.

He set up a tent in the tree house after dinner, and then he went to set up his own tent just below. When he came back, I asked.. " Is it OK for me to sleep in the forest? " Yes... "how close can I get to Jomon Sugi? Is there a place in the back where I can get close." Yes, but none with level ground for sleeping.

We finally found a nice, close and perfect place for me to sleep, under a great tarantula tree. (The name Takashi calls it.) No tent, so I could see the stars.

The tree house

The tree house and our amazing meal.

The Tarantula Tree that I slept under.

The Tarantula Tree and Dreamtime Host.

We came on this journey, without a plan for ceremony. We came with the knowing in our hearts, that we would know exactly what we were to do, at the time of doing it. We trusted each other as well, never getting in our heads about the activation ceremony, or having the need for a plan. Spontaneous and organic.

We brought with us the Golden Lemurian Elixir Water, with the Sacred waters added to it from around the world. I brought a set of Golden Lemurian Crystals, that somehow disappeared as soon as we left Togakushi. The selenite Angel Wing Guardian Crystal I brought from Mt. Shasta disappeared before getting to Togakushi....on their way in the realms in the holograms, or the matrix. Or maybe they went to Jomon Sugi on their own.

I also brought a Selenite Key Crystal. This was the crystal that said it wanted to come to Jomon Sugi. It has a groove in the top, carved and smoothed out by water. When you blow in it or on it, it makes a medium-high pitched whistle.

I also brought tiny baby Diamantina Laser Wand Crystals, many of them key crystals and family key clusters.

I also brought a bundle of Sacred Tobacco, with 4 different tobaccos from Cuba, New Mexico, California, and Japan.

I sat with the " 1 1 " trees, and then back to Jomon Sugi. I sat in meditation, asking for guidance. We were to wait until the stars came out, then we would begin.

The 1 1 Doorway Trees

The 1 1 Doorway Trees

The masculine energy and spirit of the tree is to the left, the female energy and spirit of the tree is to the right. Between them is an energetic doorway that opens a vibrational wave or pathway from Jomon Sugi down the mountain to the ocean and to all.

Masculine and Feminine Trees

The 1 1 Doorway Trees

When it was finally dark, and the stars were coming out, Yuko, Yukio and myself went to the " 1 1 " trees. We started to the right with the Female Tree, offering prayers, and Sacred Herbs.

We then went to the Male tree. As we slowly made our way over, Yuko poured the Golden Lemurian Water from the Female to the Male and I offered the Diamantina baby key crystals.

We then offered the sacred herbs to the tree, with our prayers.

Then with Yuko at the Male Tree, and me at the Female tree, we activated the light in these trees and opened the doorway.

Opening the Doorway

Opening The Doorway and Activating the Trees.

Then Yuko and Yukio went to the tree house, and I went to Jomon Sugi and the tarantula tree.

The stars were amazing! A sacred spring ran across where I slept. I didn't sleep much, but when I did, I was there with Jomon Sugi in a great cosmic universe watching the galaxies spiral.

The words don't come at all now. It's now the 11th of June. I have decided to just post a few pictures, and just allow each individual to feel it in their hearts.

All I can say, is this was one of the most precious and incredible experiences of my life. I am forever changed because of this time spent with this amazing Tree Being. From the whole journey through this forest of ancient beings.

The things she told me, showed me. Wow! I am changed because of this.

Jomon Sugi is awake and she knows exactly what it is that she is to do to hold this Beacon of Light, to send the light through the roots of the trees, down the mountain to the ocean. She has held a Beacon of Light for a very long time, she is so beautifully filled with this light.

So much gratitude for all who synced up and joined in, all trusting and knowing in your heart what it is that you offer. This Global Community is amazing! And to those who have been working with me closely with this project, I am so deeply thankful for your love and dedication to creating a new reality.

I Love you to the Stars and Beyond!

Always, Nina ~ IshTahn

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

Singing to Jomon Sugi

Singing to Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

So very Beautiful!

So Very Beautiful!! Breathtaking!

And the adventure continues!