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The Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony with the Elder tree, Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi lives in the center of Yakushima Island in Japan. She is an Elder Conifer tree estimated to be around 7200 years old. Some sources say she is the oldest living tree on Earth. Jomon Sugi is a Cryptomeria (sugi), a genus of conifers, which includes just one species - Cryptomeria japonica - beautiful, noble tree.

This Elder Tree is located on the highest mountain peak of Yakushima island which is home to over 1900 species of plants, 94 which only grow here. She is over 84 ft tall with a circumference of 54 feet. She is the largest and oldest tree in Japan.

She is also partnered with Tane Mahuta, in New Zealand and together they are recognized and protected as ancient beings.

To reach Jomon Sugi, we will hike for one day to the center of Yakushima Island to be with her, and then one day hike back out. Along the way, there are many other elder trees to visit as well as beautiful waterfalls, rivers and gorgeous valley and mountain views. There is of course, ocean and beaches too!

Before we arrive to Yakushima Island, we start our sacred journey with Togakushi, in Nagano. While here, we offer a 4 day Cosmic Ceremony for Starseeds Retreat lead by Yuko Okamoto and Nina Kirby and joined by others from around Japan.

We share an amazing 4 days of Ceremony, Lemurian Transmissions, Star Activation and Quantum Healing.

The fourth day, we take a sacred pilgrimage through ancient cedar trees to a sacred temple.

Togakushi Shrine is located deep inside Nagano Prefecture in the central part of the Japanese archipelago. In the Togakushi Shrine there is a gate leading to the universe. These gates have been hidden and protected here since ancient times by the Ryuu of the universe. A number of parallel gates exist there. They are gates that came through when they landed from space to the earth. Individual souls passed through the gates of their lights and landed on the earth. Now, as soon as the time of Ascension, this gate is being opened for the soul that is about to awaken.

During the retreat, we will have a Golden Lemurian Crystal Grid set up and activating with water from a similar Crystal Grid activating with Mount Shasta. We then share the water with all who comes, and we all take this water to other water sources all around Japan. The IOLC Team will take the water to Yakushima Island to the water there and with Jomon Sugi.

There is also an incredible Crystal Water Wheel Grid being set on the Colombia River Gorge with some of the Golden Lemurians. These Crystal grids will also be syncing up to several stargates, and over 50 other crystal grids around the world.

At this time the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN, will be anchoring in to the Heart of AN in Peru. An incredible ceremony to anchor and expand the energies of the New Reality. Thank you to Solara and the Family of AN.

The Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony With Jomonsugi.

The Islands Of Light Collective team will bring with us the prayers, energies and sacred water from Togakushi. We will also be bringing shungite crystals to place in the water, and some Herkimer Diamonds and Golden Lemurians to be placed with several trees along the way.

There will also be crystals, sacred herbs and Sacred Tobacco, offered to Jomon Sugi, as well as 2 different sacred blessed waters from Sacred Ceremonies around the world.

As we journey through the forest of Yakushima, we sing to the trees. As we sing, the sound, and vibrations activate the stardust held in the trees. As the stardust activates, it sparks the nuero-pathways running through the trees, and down through the roots. The network of roots all intertwining with each other on this island, forms an incredible web that then reaches into the water, the oceans of Japan.

The singing also wakes the trees. Some of the Old Ones are sleeping, much like the Ancient Guardian Dragons, they have been patiently waiting, resting, sleeping, until it is time for the New Realities to be anchored in. ( Yep.. that time is now! :) )

When we are in the presence of Jomun Sugi, we sing to her to wake her up. The Eleven Beacon Trees are already set with Beacons of Light from Long Ago. Once the trees wake, they activate the Beacons of Light that they each hold and anchor to the Earth, and to the Stars.

Once awake and activated, the light current of energy, vibration and sound, run continuously through the root system and into the water. The Ocean then spreads water to all parts of the world, bringing this activated light to all.

The important part for all of us as a collective, is to hold the energy and frequency of DIVINE LOVE. Hearts open, we raise our vibration with our breath, and running energy or QI through our bodies. In this open space of Divine Love, we naturally build relationship with the tree, and we then find a natural balance, harmony and pulse with her. We match in vibration, creating a space of wellbeing, that goes out and through the roots to the water.


Eisin San Nina San Yuko San Yukio San

Due to the Nature of the Journey and the Location of Jomon Sugi, The IOLC team going to Jomon Sugi, is a small group of 4 incredibly amazing beings!

Sync up groups are forming now. If you would like to sync up with us for this amazing Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony, please join our Facebook Events Page HERE and list your name, or your groups name, and where in the world you are. We will stay connected there on the events page, and we will read your name and information at the time when we start the ceremony with Jomon Sugi, syncing up with those around the world.

Don't do Facebook? Email us at to add in your sync up details.

How to "sync up" ~ Join us on May 26th, or really from the 25th to the 28th, as we journey through the forest singing to the trees. ( Japan date and time)

~Join us in prayer or meditation on the day of the Beacon setting.

~Create a crystal grid to connect in with the other crystal grids being activated around the world, and/or make a gem elixir with water and your crystal grid, to spread to all the waters.

~Find a really nice tree and sing to it. Or find a forest, or park... and visit many trees and sing to them. Humming, toning, chanting, whistling... all work too!

~By opening your heart, maintaining a high loving vibration, and being and feeling Divine Love.

Thank you to all who carry the dream of the New Earth Realities into be-ing. Thank you for holding the light, your own beacon, with you.

Love and Hugs, Nina

YAKUSHIMA ~ Enjoy these videos!

(Japanese Translation)

太古の老木縄文杉との“The Beacon Of Light Activation”セレモニー 


Nina Kirby ~ IshTahn Oladra Thal



縄文杉はまたニュージーランドのタネマフア(Tane Mahua)とともに太古の存在として認知され保護されています。


屋久島の前に、私たちの聖なる旅路はまず長野県戸隠から始まります。戸隠では日本の各地から参加者が集うNina Kirbyと岡本ゆう子主催の4日間に渡る「スターシードのためのコスミックリトリート」を行います。


最終日の4日目には両側に杉の古木の立ち並ぶ長い参道を通って戸隠奥社へ参拝します。戸隠神社は、日本列島の中央部、長野県の奥深くに位置します。 戸隠神社の奥社には宇宙へつながるゲートがあります。 これらのゲートは、宇宙の龍族によって古代よりここに隠され、守られてきました。 幾重ものパラレルのゲートがそこに存在します。それらは、宇宙から地球へ降り立った時にくぐったゲートです。




今回Activation of the Tower of Light of ANがペルーのHeart of ANへと繋ぎ止められます。New Realityのエネルギーを根付かせ拡大する素晴らしいセレモニーとなります。SolaraとFamily of ANへ感謝します。

縄文杉とのBeacon Of Light Activation セレモニー




歌声はまた木々の目覚めを促します。老木の中には眠りについているものもありますが、古代の守護龍のようにNew Realityが根付くまで辛抱強く待ち続け、休息の眠りについているのです。(その通り今こそその時なのです!)

縄文杉の前では縄文杉の目覚めのために歌います。11のBeacon Treesはすでに大昔からBeacons Of Lightが設定されています。木々が目覚めると彼らは守り続けていたBeacons Of Lightを活性化しそれぞれの木は地球と星星へと到達し繋ぎ止められます。


集合体としての私たちに皆にとって大切なことはDIVINE LOVEのエネルギーと周波数をオープンに維持することです。呼吸とともにエネルギーあるいは“気”を体に巡らすことで自らの波動を高めます。Divine Loveというオープンなスペースでは私たちは自然に木々との友情を育み、自然なバランスや調和そしてパルスを木々との間に見出すことができるのです。波動のレベルが合い、至福の空間を作り出し、それは木の根を通じて地球上の水へと広がっていくのです。


栄心さん Ninaさん ゆう子さん 行雄さん


Sync upグループは現在形成されつつあります。この素晴らしいBeacon Of Light Activationセレモニーで私達と同期(それぞれの場所で祈りや瞑想を通じて遠隔から参加)することを希望する方はFacebook Events Page HERE に加わりご自身あるいはグループの名前とどこの国・都市からの参加かをメッセージに残してください。私たちはそのイベントページでつながりを維持し、私達が縄文杉でのイベントを開始する際にはそこにリストされている名前と情報を読み上げて、世界中からの参加者の皆さんとをつなげ同期させます。



“Sync up”の方法



~クリスタルグリッドを作って世界中で活性化されている他のクリスタルグリッドにつなげてください。そして水とクリスタルを使ってgem elixir(クリスタル水)を作りその水を周りの水へ拡散してください。



New Earth Realitiesの夢の現実化を共有するすべての皆さんに感謝します。みなさんが自分自身のBeaconである光とともにあることに感謝します。

愛とハグを皆さんに Ninaより