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Awakening Consciousness Retreat ~ Big Island Hawaii January, 2017

We started our journey and adventures together at Wai O' Pele, also know as Green Lake Mountain. This mountain is a huge crater mountain that is made up of four craters. At the bottom of the largest crater, is a bottomless lake, named Green Lake.

Wai O' Pele is a sacred mountain to the Hawaiian people who believe the crater mountain is the tip of Lemuria, known as MU.

Wai O' Pele, Green Lake

Big Island in January is winter with surprise tropical storms frequently blowing in between sunny days. We were blessed with a storm just finishing up on the day we first met, offering us a nice cleansing as we started our journey with purification, prayer and ceremony.

We began every morning with a nice relaxing geothermal water swim at "The Warm Ponds".

Together, we opened up to deep prayers with Pele, each one of us building our relationship with her and the aina (land). We journeyed to sacred private beaches and took grand adventures to the top of the sacred mountain Wai' O Pele.

We also journeyed to the bottom of the mountain to sit with the Lake. We each took turns offering our prayers and songs to the spirits of the Lake.

We had a magical and unforgettable sacred pilgrimage to visit Pele at Pu u' o' o, where the lava is entering the Ocean. We offered our Pule, to Pele, and then gazed into the lava pouring into the ocean.

Pele, lava and Pu u o' o

The last part of our journey took us to Mauna Kea Mountain. Some of our group stayed at Pu u hulu hulu Ahu while the rest of our group headed to the very top of Mauna Kea. All of us anchoring in the energies with deep prayer and light activation.

We then went down the mountain and up to the crater Hale Mau Mau, to make our final prayers, pule, and offerings to Pele.

Our time together was amazingly open and cohesive. Everyone brought incredible amounts of love and light to the experience and we all became Ohana, supporting each other in beauty and joy.

We were incredibly blessed by the local Ohana of Puna, who brought us so much love, hugs, songs of the Divine, Hawaiian Chants, local produce, fresh coconuts and much sharing of their lives.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all who participated in this amazing adventure into discovery with ourselves, and each other. A hui hou! Until we meet again!


Please enjoy this slideshow.

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