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Hello Friends! It's been a while since these amazing beings have come out to play. We will be at the Jennifer Michaels Gallery, which is formerly the Mount Shasta Healing Arts Center, Sundays 7 to 8. 

The Guidance has come to both me and Josh, that it's time to mov...

Aloha Ohana! Many of you have been asking how things are in Puna, with my mom and Ohana there. I will offer you some of my experiences with speaking to my mom everyday about the conditions there and how the people of Puna are surviving, adapting, living.

The Glow of Lei...

The Islands Of Light Collective travel to Bali and New Zealand to activate the Beacons of Light with Mt Batur, Soul Tree, Mt Taranaki, and Tane Mahuta.

Wilson's Stump  

Yakushima Island Japan.

The Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony with JOMON SUGI ~ May 26th, 27. 2017

To be honest, I have been staring at the beginnings of this post for days now. I keep looking at this heart. It lives close to the middle of Yakushima Isl...

The Islands Of Light Collective Team started our journey at Iizuna Oasis in the Nagano Prefecture.

We were joined by our dear friends and members of the original Team Japan from The Beacons of Light Ceremony and Activation with Mount Fuji San for a grand re-union dinner...

Jomon Sugi lives in the center of Yakushima Island in Japan. She is an Elder Conifer tree estimated to be around 7200 years old. Some sources say she is the oldest living tree on Earth. Jomon Sugi is a Cryptomeria (sugi),  a genus of conifers, which includes just one s...

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