The Islands Of Light Collective ~ Mt. Shasta



The IOLC Ceremonial Land and Sacred Space is currently in the creation stages.

Once established in building relationship with the land,  through ceremony and prayer, we open up to retreat space and community education.

Mount Shasta is recognized by indigenous elders and modern masters as a sacred portal and energy vortex containing ancient knowledge. It is one of Earth’s primary holy mountains and has been a pilgrimage destination for thousands of years.

Mount Shasta operates as an energetic ‘key’ to access higher levels of consciousness, activate celestial coding lying dormant within the body, and to stimulate original memories. When a person visits the mountain, a natural shift in one’s vibrational field occurs. This supports the awakening process by putting people in direct contact with expanded forms of energy and consciousness.

The IOLC Ceremonial Land and Center will offer space for a variety of educational, healing, artistic, movement, meditation and cognitive activities as well as New Earth experiential education opportunities for all ages. It is a community space where people can consciously create, learn and share their wisdom with people from around the world. 

The Islands Of Light Mt. Shasta is in the birthing stages. In the meantime we gather:

~ For week Long nature retreats on the mountain

~ On the mountain in sacred locations for prayer and ceremony

~ Various sacred places out in nature

~ The Cosmic Temple, The Sacred Valley Healing Center  and various homes too!

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The Selenite Guardians

The IOLC Ceremonial land will also be the home to the Selenite Guardians from the cave of crystals in Mexico.

These amazing crystals hold the coding for the New Earth and also have angel and star being consciousness in them. When one sits in their presence, activations and transmission happen along with memory recall and physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The vision is to build a natural sanctuary temple for them out of natural materials, crystals and sacred geometry. The guardians sit in a circle in alignment with the mountain and her energies.  People come to sit with them, meditate with them and feel the amazing high vibrational frequencies and energy of Divine Love.

For now, the selenite guardians bask in the energies of the Lemurian Angel Blessed Cosmic Temple.

There are monthly meditations with the Selenite Guardians, at the Mt. Shasta Healing Arts Center, in Downtown Mt. Shasta. See our EVENTS PAGE for days and times.

Tune in to some amazing past selenite meditations on our OVERTURES OF ISH, Media, Mediations and Music page.

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