Hale Hokuloa

Aloha! Welcome! E Komo Mai.

Hale Hokuloa is located 3 miles from Volcanoes National Park, on Big Island, Hawaii nestled in a tropical rain forest at 3500 ft. elevation.


Hokuloa in Hawaiian means "Great Star", also know as Venus. 

From sundown to sunrise, we are blessed by this beautiful star and it's amazing energies and light. An antie once told me Hokuloa holds the space of transition. Here at Hale Hokuloa, we offer this space of transition to you.

A Hui Hou! E Malama Pono.


TI Leaf and Pohaku ~ Hot Body Wrap with Hot Stones 

Enjoy a relaxing 90 min. treatment with hot ti leaves placed on the back and body. Hot ocean lava stones are then placed on top of the ti. This treatment is amazing at pulling out toxins, physical and spiritual, as well as soothing sore or injured muscles.

$60 ti provided

$30 bring your own ti

By donation, Tuesdays

Quantum Bone Alignment

Enjoy a session of Quantum Bone Alignment. By using breath and high vibrational energy, this treatment will gently move your bones back into alignment, easily and painlessly. Helps to reduce pain and increase mobility. 

$77 ~ 60 min

$111 ~ 90 min

By donation, Tuesdays

Quantum Energy and Bodywork 

Enjoy a Quantum Energy and bodywork session. These incredible sessions include high vibrational energy techniques applied to the body as a whole. Bodywork and massage help to release stuck and negative energies.

$77 ~ 60 min

$111 ~ 90 min

By donation, Tuesdays

$300 for 5 ~ 60 min sessions  

Quantum Matrix Imagery 

Enjoy a Quantum Matrix Imagery Session where Nina helps you to locate the discomfort in the body, and through visualization and imagery, we then "change" the information in the body by learning what the body really wants. Reduces physical pain and emotional discomfort. Really powerful and simple! 

$77 ~ 60 min

$111 ~ 90 min

By Donation, Tuesdays

IDF session with the

SE-5 1000

The SE-5 1000 is a radionics device that reads the Intrinsic Data Fields ( IDF'S)  or Information in the energy field. By changing the information in the quantum field, you can bring all areas of your life into optimal health and well-being. Please contact Nina for more information.

By Donation

Guided Meditation with Crystals & Star Language

Enjoy a guided meditation to connect you the Earth and Stars. Sessions include having crystals placed on the body, or around the body, or choose to sit with a crystal grid where you can hold crystals as you feel. Sessions can include Star language or light language activation.

Great for groups too!

By Donation

Hale HokuLoa


Donation Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we offer sessions by donation. 

This way, those who may not have a lot of extra funds can receive healing sessions without paying full price.

In addition to the inside healing room, we have an outside massage/healing area nestled in the gardens of Hale HokuLoa, where you can enjoy the songs of rain forest birds and feel the cool breeze of the mountain air.

There are 4 ~ 45 min sessions available on Tuesdays, we suggest reserving some time for a session in advance.

There will be areas open where you can exchange energy healing, yoga and massage with each other while you wait for your session, or after you receive a session. 

We start at 10:00 am with an opening circle meditation and a demonstration on the days offering. 

At 2:30 we will have some food, and close our day.

There are many ways to donate to Hale Hokuloa:

~ Money ~ Money is preferred as it helps with the costs of keeping the Tuesday offerings available.

~ Organic Fruit and Veggies ~ Bring us a coconut or two, some Avos, a pineapple or bananas. 

~ Honey ~ We have two honey bees living at the Hale, honey is always precious donations.

~ An hour working in the yard, mulching or clearing. Painting, and house repair is always welcome.

~ Massage ~ We love massage!

To reserve a spot, or find out what is being offered that day, CONTACT US.

*Note: Please do not wear perfumes. This is a tobacco free Hale, please no smoking. If you smoke, please do not come smelling of tobacco. The owner is highly sensitive. Mahalo.

To see more events offered at Hale Hokuloa,  CLICK HERE