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Selenite Crystal Meditation 

Mount Shasta, CA

Join Nina Kirby and the Selenite Crystal Guardians for an Earth and Star meditation and high vibrational sound bath.

7-8 p.m. Sundays in July, August and September

@ Jennifer Michaels Gellery

407 N. Mount Shasta Blvd 

The Selenite Guardian Crystals come from The Cave of Crystal in Naica Mexico.

They offer incredible high vibrational energy and frequency, while assisting your connection to the natural resonance one has with the Earth and then the Stars. Many experience amazing healings while experiencing these crystals.

                 Always BY DONATION  


To learn more about the Selenite Guardian Crystals  

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March 2020 

IOLC Ohana Campout ~

Mount Shasta Mountain

Hong Kong

Join Nina Kirby in Hong Kong

at the 5ive.d Spiritual Center.

Stayed tuned, more info coming soon.



Earth And Star Nature Retreat

and Ceremony with the Navajo Tribe in Canyon De Chelly

Chinle AZ

Join Nina Kirby, Louise Martel, and members of the Navajo Tribe in their Sacred land, Canyon De Chelly, for 4 days of ceremony while camping deep in the canyon. Located on the Navajo Reservation, Chinle AZ.

We start our journey by meeting in Sedona, then caravanning through the Navajo Reservation to Canyon De Chelly, where we immerse ourselves in Sacred Ceremonies, Sacred Fire and  deep prayers while learning abut this sacred land and the people that call this canyon home.

We open to living in deep connection with the Earth and the Stars while experiencing traditions and Native American Lineages.

This is an amazing opportunity!!! Participants are chosen with great consideration due to the nature of this event. If you feel called to participate on this amazing journey with us, please email us a photo of you, and a brief description on what called you to this experience.

Space is open to 10 participants.

Transportation to and from Canyon De Chelly is not included. You can meet us in Sedona for a caravan to the Canyon, or meet us there at the Canyon.

Hotels in Phoenix and Sedona also not included.

You will receive a welcome letter upon completion of registration with more details on camping, what to bring and not to bring, as well as hotel options.

Camping will be basic and simple. No glamping. Food will be brought in by our team, and will be vegetarian and basic. You can bring food in, but no garbage whatsoever. We will be on Sacred Tribal Land living simply with nature and each other.

on the 5th day, we say our goodbyes, and make our way back to Sedona.

More INFORMATION coming soon! To register for this event:

Contact us!

Please enjoy this video featuring this amazing family. Daniel will be leading the ceremonies with our group, and we may even be blessed to hear the songs of these beautiful girls echoing through the canyon! 

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Earth and Star Fire Ceremony Retreat ~ Tampa, FL  Feb. 2019

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Earth And Star Nature Retreat ~Big island Hawaii Jan. 2018

The Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony ~ Bali March 2018 

The Beacon Of Light Activation Ceremony ~ New Zealand 2108

Earth And Star Mount Shasta Nature Retreat ~  Mount Shasta, CA June 16 -21, 2018

Past Events 2017

Awakening Consciousness Retreat Big Island Hawaii ~  January 24-30 2017

Cosmic Starseed Retreat, Togakushi Japan  May 2017

The Jomon Sugi Beacon of Light Activation Ceremony  May 2017

 Mount Shasta Sacred Divine Woman Retreat ~ Tools of transformation for the Awakening Woman

June-July Mt.Shasta CA

Sacred Divine Woman Invocation - Nina Kirby
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Earth And Star Personal Nature Retreat, Mount Shasta CA ~ July 2017

A few of our Past Events in 2016

Awakening Consciousness Retreat Mount Shasta, CA ~ July 2016

Awakening Consciousness Seminar Kyoto Japan ~ May 2106

The Beacons Of Light Activation Ceremony Mount Fuji, Japan ~ May 2016