Sacred Divine Woman

Tools of Transformation for the Awakening Woman

Awakening Woman Course 1

Women are Divine, Beautiful and Amazing in every way possible! We all have super human powers when it comes to multitasking, raising children, being a powerful leader and a present partner and lover. Yet, we still at times don’t feel “good enough”, “free enough”, or “beautiful enough”. We can’t seem to fully apply these super powers to these aspects of feeling not good enough or not free enough to be who we are, who we really are. In our truth, in our heart. 


Welcome to: Sacred Divine Woman ~ Tools of Transformation for the     Awakening Woman  


Sacred Divine Woman on line courses offers women sacred space, ceremony, and support as we dive deep within our hearts on a journey to self discovery, healing, and awakening. 


Through this amazing process and journey you will learn emotional release techniques, emotional freedom tapping~ (EFT), and quantum healing techniques to help release old patterns, thoughts, and feelings, creating a space for discovering the Awakening Woman Within.


We will dive deep into our connection with nature, the Earth Mother, and ourselves in relationship to her. Then exploring the space of the great cosmic womb, we open to the stars and our connection to universal Mother.


Once we understand these tools of transformation and we have reconnected with our Divine Self, we learn how to apply these tools to our everyday life, so we can live every day in a sacred divine way. We learn to feel the truth in our hearts, and to trust our higher guidance.  We open to the magic of Divine Love and all the blessings and abundance a peaceful free heart brings. We are always enough. We are sacred and divine.

Sacred Divine Woman ~ Tools of Transformation for the Awakening Woman

Awakening Woman Course 1


This course is for you if:


~ You are an awakening woman who is looking to deepen your healing process and discovery into your Sacred and Divine Self.  


~ You are an awakening woman who has done her “work” and gone through many healing processes, but yet you still have this unconscious or conscious belief that you are “not good enough” in any way, shape or form.


~ You are an awakening man who is connected to your feminine side and are looking to deepen your connection and understanding of the Divine Feminine in you, and/or in women.


~ You are an awakening man who is very connected to your masculine side, and you are looking to deepen your understanding and connection with the feminine side of you, and/or the women in your life that you love, your wife/partner, mother, sister, daughter, or friend.


~ You are looking for tools of transformation to apply to your every day life, so you can experience this process of awakening, and creating the Sacred Divine in every moment.

Requirements for this course:

~ Set aside at least 1 hour each day to practice these tools of transformation.

~ Document your experiences with each lesson in some way, writing, voice recording, art, etc.

~ Follow the modules in order.

~ Commit to being present with loving yourself through this process.

"We are in a beautiful place where we have gone deep with-in. Taking a look at our stories. Taking a look at what is truth. Seeing our faults as allies. Becoming aware of how we perceive ourselves. Learning how to observe, without judgement and trusting that what we see now in this place is your true self. Ready to birth a new story."

Nina Kirby ~ Excerpt from Sacred Divine Woman 2016 apprenticeship course.

What you will gain from this course:

~ How to create Sacred Space in your home and out in nature.

~How to build relationship with nature,

the Earth and yourself. 

~Knowledge on several healing techniques to help you release stuck emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

~Deep reflection, understanding, transformation and truth in your heart.

~How to connect to the stars, for cosmic connection. 

~Guided Meditations.

~Videos with each module plus bonus videos of live Sacred Divine Woman Circles.

~ Tools of Transformation that you can use in your every day life.

~Amazing helpful practices for living a Sacred and Divine life moment by moment.


Free Bonuses with this course include:


~The Tools for Transformation Hand Book.

This includes step by step instruction of this course that you can use over and over again. Including the healing modalities and other techniques offered in this course.

And Tools of Transformation for you to put into practice for creating your Sacred Divine life, and you!

~Downloads to video recordings of Sacred Divine Woman Circles here in Mt. Shasta.

Shhhhhh! I don't want to spoil the surprise! :)

~Access to the Sacred Divine Woman Private FB Group page. 

Amazing connection to others in this course, or who have taken the course and are in course 2. A sacred Divine Support Space, a big OHANA of Divine Love.

7 Amazing Modules~ Designed so you can explore at your own pace. Dive right in, or take your time, you choose what feels right for you!

Module 1~ Creating a Sacred Divine Space

Module 2 ~ The Beautiful Art of Release, E.R.T

Module 3 ~ Here's looking at you! Deep reflection.

Module 4~ Mariposa ~ Fly Free Butterfly, E.F.T.

Module 5 ~ Oh My Stars! Connection with the Cosmos

Module 6 ~ I'll Take it to go.

Tools of transformation for every day living 

Module 7 ~ Sacred Divine Woman, Celebrating your Awakened Self

Sacred Divine Woman ~ Awakening Woman Course 1

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Enjoy this beautiful excerpt from a Divine Woman Drum Journey Circle

Sacred Divine Woman - Nina Kirby

Love and Hugs, Nina