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The IOLC is a global community dedicated to co-creating conscious living and retreat space with the main focus of living in harmony with nature and each other.

 The IOLC also offers New Earth Education where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to learn and dream within the consciousness of our New Earth reality. Offering alternative education that provides knowledge on energy medicine, quantum healing, sound therapy, art, music and how to be with emotions, while sharing with children multiple skills to understand creative thinking and visualization to be able to create their realties from a place of freedom and individuality.

   The Beacons Of  Light

The Beacons of Light is a global project that consists of setting and activating beacons of light frequency on certain energy points of the Earth.

Once activated with sound, light, LOVE, high vibrational energies and prayer, the beacons are anchored into the Earth’s resonant field, creating a new energy grid work with the Earth from a linear grid work, to a spiraling one. 

 This also contributes to bringing in the energies and realities of the New Earth on a quantum and holographic level.

There are many beacons of light being set with mountains/volcanos and water and with the ancient trees. 

Once the Beacons have been set and activated, they all "turn on" together resetting the energy grid, and activating Earth as a living Library.


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